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Living Art – quite often are the words used to describe this fascinating hobby, miniature creations of individual trees and landscapes commonly known today as Penjing and Bonsai.

The Little Woods Bonsai Nursery gives you the opportunity not only to acquire one or some of these beautiful creations, but to embark upon a wonderful journey of discovery, where common myths are dispelled.

We can help you develop the vision and confidence to grow and maintain your very own bonsai. Therefore, to help you along the way, we offer professional advice and tuition. Our workshops are taken by tutors who are all experts in their fields.

We hope you will find our website useful and interesting, and if you have been captivated by what you see, our guidance will take you to the next level!

Our main goal is to strive to make your bonsai experience a truly enjoyable and inspiring one. By providing support and encouraging contact, we are confident this can be achieved.

On that note, we wish you every success with your journey into the ‘mysterious world’ of bonsai and all your miniature endeavours.